Lockkuun the Not So Great~ RP Invite Edition

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Lockkuun the Not So Great~ RP Invite Edition

Post by Lockkuun on 11/2/2015, 1:54 am

Hey guys! My name is Lockkuun you can call me "Lock"!

If you need someone to RP with you can choose one of my characters and let the RPing begin!

My Characters

Maverick Yamamoto

Age: 14
God Parent Hephaestus
Nationality: Japanese
Personality & Flaws:
Reserved, Techno Geek, Has Poor Eyesight (Wears Techno Glasses)
Stubborn, Weak on Offense but Great on Defense

Weapons: Shield and other weapons he will forge for a mission
Abilities: Techno-Sensitivity, Mechalingualism, Advance Heat Tolerance
Power: Technokinesis
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