night's character

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night's character

Post by Night Evershade on 11/7/2015, 7:39 pm

Name: Night Evershade
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Black
Height: 6'0
Body Type: broad Shouldered and well built
Skin Color: tan
God Parent: Dionysus
Mortal Parent: Mania Sari Flores
Country of Origin: Portland
Pets: Seasonal Hawk
Talents: Has the speed of a God his swings are very powerful...though he doesn't use his fighting abilities, due to the fact he trained with the four seasonal gods.
Weapon**: Has Two Celestial Bronze swords...though one of them is a godly gift from his favorite trainer Aeolus the master of the winds.
Personality: He Is very fast and sneaky
Flaws: He may be a good leader, but if you put him in a bad situation...well lets say he cant do it alone.
Abilities (must relate to god parent; optional): he god speed from his father Dionysus
Powers (must relate to god parent; optional):N/A
Life Before Camp*: Life Before Camp Half-Blood sucked. He was on the run for his life...people always thought he was different compared to other mortals. His mother still cares about him, though he never sees her, because the gods always ask him to go on impossible quest. He hates his father, though Dionysus tries to mend up for his years of being away. though as years past he still is an outcast...even at Camp.
RP Example*: Night looks out over the city of Manhattan. He sees Long Island sounds shore from his stand, and he rushes there knowing there's shelter and that he does not half to fight anymore monsters...he even hopes to make new friends at this safe ground.
Any notes about your characters: Night likes to be alone, but if people want to be his friends he says hi once in a while, but he acts like the Son of Hades...sitting or standing in the shadows in a corner away from activities and campers tables. But if it comes to Prophases or quest, he says "sure Ill do it!"
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Re: night's character

Post by Kendall on 11/7/2015, 7:49 pm

I split your post from the god list one. When you make your form you need to make a new topic instead of replying to the character list.

We only allow characters to be as old as 19 (and as young as 4).

Portland isn't a country.

We don't allow hawks unless you get a mystery box reward.

- Speed of a god would not be allowed.
- How strong are his swings?
- Wouldn't allow your character to have trained with the seasonal gods.

No to getting a gift form Aeolus.

Add more to the personality.

No to the god speed from Dionysus. Abilities must relate directly to the god parent; general powers shared among the gods, like superstrength and -speed, aren't valid unless the god governs that field or one related to it.

- Where was his mom? What was his life with her like?
- Gods asking him to go on quests before camp = no. Quests are only given by admins.
- How did he get to camp?

Add two more sentences to RP Example.
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