back, maybe?

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back, maybe?

Post by muse on 12/6/2015, 5:14 pm

i was going to open with greeting people from when i was actually active, but it seems like everyone i knew is gone now.

if you don't know me, i'm muse, as the name implies
used to go by ari on here (that's a cringe i'd like to keep in the past)
you can call me muse or some variation on t.

i used to be on here about a year and a half ago, for maybe i year, until i just sort of lost interest and dropped off the radar
i do still rp, but elsewhere, and typically not with fandom related things (for instance, one of my friends has me running a zodiac-based group with him)

so if any of you do remember me, please say hi
i probably won't be totally active, and i might just lurk around the ooc and chat for awhile until i can get some inspiration for characters back.
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Re: back, maybe?

Post by Kwacken on 12/7/2015, 12:36 am

Hey Muse, WB!

It's me, Manda(MandarHobbit, Pierre, Volcazar)
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