one of the michelsons {w i p}

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one of the michelsons {w i p}

Post by beanie on 12/9/2015, 6:15 pm

"There's a rave down at the club. Wanna go check it out?"

Name: If your anyone, you would know that name of London Harley Quinn. Yes, her middle name is Harley and her last name is Quinn. Her father thought that it would be extremely funny. His daughter did not.

Gender: A cisexual female.

Sexual Orientation: London's a bisexual girl, leaning more to the heterosexual side.

Mortal Parent: London's biological father is Jim Quinn, a scientist and TOTAL Batman geek. He wasn't around for long in London's life. At the age of 5, London became a foster child when  Jim died in his lab. A fire had broken out and Jim was caught in the flames. He was the last to leave the lab.
London soon became an addition to the Michelson family. The mother, Darla Michelson, was unable to give birth to children so she, along with her husband Hank Michelson, started to adopt kids all over the world into their family. It kinda helped that they were pretty wealthy, considering that Hank is a CEO of the company that makes Budweiser Beer and Darla was one of the head journalists of the New York Times.

God Parent: Pietho, goddess of persuasion and seductive speech. London doesn't believe that minor gods are all that useless. In fact, she enjoys being the daughter of a minor goddess instead of a big time one with thousands of kids that they don't remember her name.

Date of Birth: She was born December 27, 1997. She will be 18 by New Years.

Place of Birth: Romania, more specifically, Bucharest. She moved to London soon after with her father, then New York with her foster family.

Hometown/Last Residence: While living with the Michelsons, London was privileged enough to live in various countries. Brazil, Spain, France, you name it and London's been there. Her permeant home was in New York and it was the last place she lived before she came to camp.

Race/ethnicity: London is half British and half Romanian, though she enjoys calling it "gypsy blood".

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