crow jackson - son of hecate - wip//remake of an old character//aka 'death king'

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crow jackson - son of hecate - wip//remake of an old character//aka 'death king'

Post by jake. on 1/13/2016, 1:10 pm

Name: crow kotori jackson. kotori means 'screech owl spirit' in native american, or originates from it.


Gender: cissexual male.

Eyes: unusual as it may be in contrast to his dark skin, crow has very light green, almost blueish gray eyes. they're honestly quite stunning, and it gives him a haughty, apprasing sort of look. he's often thought one eyes is slighter greyer than the other. his eyes are thin and slanted, with heavy violet bags under his eyes. long, black lashes. non-blinking.

Hair: messy, dark brown, with blonde streaks running through it. fairly long, yet gelled and waxed upwards.

Height: five foot eleven.

Body Type: long arms and legs, spindly fingers and hands. built for short but efficent sprints. muscular for his age, yet lean. after one of his friends, the son of a weather god, summoned a lightning bolt, crow got the full blast of it, yet miraculously survived, left with scarring down his back and spine. some people say it's cool, others say it's disturbing.
what the lightning left over:

Skin Color: a tan toffee colour.

God Parent: son of hecate, goddess of magic, ghosts, necromancy, the night, the moon, and crossroads. crow considers her, well, god-like and he thinks she's above all other gods.

Mortal Parent:
ellan kwanita. native american, tall, with tribal tattoos on his wrists and collarbone. his skin is comparatively dark to that of kotoris'.

Country of Origin:
america. manhattan, new york, to be exact.

Pets: hellhound which he named 'matoko'. matoko is friendly, with unnaturally long fangs and claws. he doesn't really consider matoko to be his own hellhound, but matoko likes him enough for others to think so. he's basically crow's, but crow wishes matoko would be a bit larger.


- persuasive speech.
- even though he doesn't look it, crow is a good writer and storyteller. he's great at public speaking.
- skilled swordfighter and archer, however he doesn't use a bow and arrow often, as he considers it a soft option.
- incredibly and unusually sharp and intelligent, if not intelligent far beyond his years. he's pragmatic and charming, yet he can be cruel and arrogant on occasion.

- a three foot stygian iron sword, with a single emerald encrusted in the hilt. it's nothing special, since he found it in the weapon shed, and felt a sort of pull towards it.

intelligent, popular, admired by many. you could almost compare him exactly to tom riddle and his death eaters; even though he was well-liked, he preferred to operate alone. he's learned not to put his trust in anyone anymore. he loves snakes and owls, or any nocturnal animals. he adores nightly walks and darkness, and he usually skips all classes during the day to sleep. he can come across as arrogant or ignorant. i'd like to mention now, that he's actually, deep-down, a very nice person, but he isn't. he just gets more rotten the closer you get to the core. he loves watching people struggle or fail, and to him; success is so much sweeter if everybody else failed. he is plainly ambitious, and wants to be better than everybody else by a large measure. his intelligence and sharp wit can help him with that, and his unwathering skill is admirable.

- arrogant, snotty posh, scumbag, basically. even though he's polite to people with authority, it isn't genuine, and usually just because he wants some authority himself. he calls himself the death king because it makes people fear him; but others just hate him for his arrogance.
- fear of cockroaches
- power-hungry, greedy
- feels elated at others' failure

Abilities (must relate to god parent; optional):

+ communication with snakes, owls, dogs and horses.
+ has a knack for growing dandelion, aconite, belladonna, mandrake and hemlock, and with his touch the plants mentioned grow faster and healthier.
+ can see in the dark.
+ can talk to ghosts.
+ ghosts do not obey him, yet they have a sort of respect towards him, however they're wary of crow all at the same time.
+ he can sense ghostly activity around him in a ten mile radius.
+ his sense are higher and finer at full moon, their abilities are heightened by almost seven percent.
+ he can minorly manipulate the mist, similar to how other demigods can, like manipulating their memories, changing tiny details to his desire with a click of his fingers.

Powers (must relate to god parent; optional):
osteokinesis: he can summon up to one skeleton per day (206 bones) straight out of the ground, and make them float or do whatever he wants them to, apart from using them as weapons. he can form them into a weak sword or spear (breaks after only one strike) but he cannot pelt them at or after his enemies. crow doesn't know why. he can bend them, or make them fit his body like a literal exoskeleton. he can summon up to 50 bones at a time, with a ten post pause between uses.

necromancy: he can summon three ghosts per day from the underworld. they do not have to obey him, it depends on their personality. he can only summon one ghost per day of his own choice, the other two are picked at random. the ghosts stay for a maximum of five posts, and he needs a seven post pause between each ghost.

Life Before Camp*:
RP Example*:
Any notes about your characters: fc is matthew daddario. 100% slytherin lmao
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