Battle of Hogwarts AU RP

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Battle of Hogwarts AU RP

Post by Rick Sanchez on 1/24/2016, 8:09 am

So welcome! If you are a HP fan (I myself am one, only that I never mentioned it), then maybe you're in the right place. I'm issuing General Order 13, we're evacuating a Hogwarts rp yaayyyy! But I'm gonna put it on May 2nd, 1998 (ehem, you know what happens on that faithful night), in the canon plotline. In order to prevent canon alteration, all of the rules below are strictly to be complied:

1. No interactions with canon characters. You may mention them, or have your character see them, glance at them briefly, but otherwise no
2. You may not kill any canon Death Eaters that are supposed to be alive or die later in the Deathly Hallows (e.g, Bellatrix, Dolohov, Pius, etc)
3. Your character may be in the Order of the Phoenix, or the Death Eaters, or Dumbledore's Army, or a Hogwarts student (note that your character may only be allowed in if he/she is 17, but age alteration is accepted)
4. If your character is in the part when Neville conjures the explosives Seamus set on the Wooden Bridge, you can only be at the Clocktower, then proceed back inside the school once the Wooden Bridge, along with Scabior and the Snatchers are destroyed and killed
5. You can come up with a Death Eater to duel your character, or use one of your own
6. Forbidden spells:
Death Eaters: Sectumsempra
Hogwarts Fighters: The Killing, Cruciatus and Imperius Curse. Sectumsempra (as Harry is the only one who discovered it in 1996). Confringo (on contraire, this is allowed, but to prevent OPs, a Shield Charm can instantly deflect this with no damage to the attacked person)

And how do you kill a Death Eater?
You may, or you may not.

It is simple, actually. You can use multiple spells for your advantage, but in order to balance things, a Killing Curse can be deflected with Protego Maxima, but not Protego (Protego Maxima is an enhanced version of Protego. Originally, the Killing Curse was unblockable, but who said anything about undeflectable?)

If you wish to create a spell of your own, I welcome it! Although, instant killing spells are forbidden. Advanced versions of original spells are allowed as well (for instance, Stupefy Maxima, causes longer stuns, or Incendio Maxima, which causes bigger flames to be conjured) I recommend taking an English word, then twist it somehow to sound like a spell (for instance, Release, J.K Rowling twisted it to Relash, and then Relashio)

As for the loyalty section below, you need to specify where a character's loyalty lies. And you can have as many characters as you wish. Don't overuse it, though. As for Fate, you can exclude this out, but you can either fill in the followings: Survive, To be Deceased or Escapes (your character leaves in the height of the battle)


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