(WIP) Ellana Morgan - Daughter of Persephone

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(WIP) Ellana Morgan - Daughter of Persephone

Post by ○Fairytale○ on 2/25/2016, 4:58 pm

Name: Ellana "Ella" Olivia Morgan
Gender: Female
Mortal Parent: Ella's father was Alistair Morgan, a florist from a small village called Castine in Maine. A fire destroyed his shop, with him inside it, when Ella was just nine.
God Parent: Persephone, Queen of the Underworld, goddess of springtime and nature.
Date of Birth: April 18, 1999
Place of Birth: Castine, Maine
Hometown/Last Residence: Portland, Maine
Race/ethnicity: white/European (her paternal grandmother was British)
Accent: Ella has a New England accent, but slightly more clipped and crisp from growing up with a British grandmother. Her voice is soft and subtle, and even she doesn't remember the last time it was raised against a person in anger. It portrays the slightest change in her emotions.
Skin Tone: Ella is unusually pale, but it does not look at all unhealthy on her. Instead, it actually fits quite well with her pale hair and eyes.
Eye Color: Her eyes are a soft, pale green, like that of a new bud. They hold much emotion, and though she might act against these, her eyes always give her away.
Hair Color: Ellana's hair is a very pale, platinum blonde colour, almost as light as her fair skin. The combination of her eye, skin, and hair colour makes her look a little like a dryad, and she has in fact been mistaken for one on one occasion.
Hair Length: Her hair is actually quite long, reaching just past her hips. It can become a pain at times, and when it does she simply pulls it back and ties it in a knot; a very flattering hairstyle on her. But, most of the time, she lets it hang down her back in soft ringlets, only pinning up the front.
Height: Ella is a little tall for her age, standing at roughly 5 feet 6 inches.
Weight: Ella is like a feather, only weighing 95 pounds. This can be a disadvantage when fighting.
Body Type: Ellana is tall and willowy, rather like a dryad. She is light on her feet and nimble, and has the poise of a dancer. She is graceful without trying, a striking figure when she wants to be, and completely in control of her own body. She moves slowly and very deliberately, but can move at lightning speed when necessary.

Weapon: Ella's preferred weapon is a long wooden quarterstaff, but she also uses a small dagger of Celestial bronze when necessary. She is also a rather good archer, but she doesn't carry a bow with her.
Armor: Ella uses the standard armour - with one notable difference. Her set is made of wood and held together with vines. Ellana believes this is more practical than the regular metal and leather pieces. It is lighter, so it won't slow you down or tire you out quickly, but it is thick enough that it still provides ample protection. And the best part is, she says, is that she can mend it herself without having to wait for the Hephaestus campers to get round to it.
Pet(s): Ella has a little canary named Pipp, one of the only things she brought with her from Maine.
Skills/Talents: Ellana excels at tracking and finding routes, as she can call on nature to show her the way. She is better at defensive fighting than offensive, and is usually found keeping away monsters in a fight instead of killing them. She is also rather good at archery, canoeing, and foot-racing. Pegasi and most creatures adore her, and she can calm just about anyone or anything down.
Flaws: Ella keeps to herself most of the time, which prevents her from making allies and friends, but when she does get to know them, she is much too trusting and never considers the fact that they might not be sincere. Along with this, she takes everything that happens to heart; for example, if she were to be betrayed by someone she was close to, it would take an awful lot and a large amount of time to get her trust anyone again. She also blames herself for things going wrong, even if it was not at all possible for it to be her fault. She does not trust herself, and is always criticising her decisions. She rarely ever stands her ground and sticks by her opinions, except for when she truly believes in something. Because of her pale complexion, whenever she gets nervous or scared, her skin turns almost translucent, and it is rather creepy to be able to see the shadows of her veins.
Fears: Ellana is terrified of fire, because of how her father died. She is also very nervous when underground and is plagued by visions of all that rock and earth above her head collapsing and burying her, where no one would ever find her.
Social Status: Ella is a loner, as most think she is a little strange. But she doesn't mind. The animals and plants are her company.
Summer or Year Rounder: She is a Year Rounder, simply because she has no other home to go to.
Years at Camp: 6 years
Life Before Camp: Ellana lived a normal life with her father in the little village of Castine in Maine. That all changed when she was nine. One day, her father had stayed late at his shop to finish an order that was due the next day, and had told Ellana - who always came to see him at work after school so they could go home together - to go home without him. A little while after she had left, a fire had ignited the bakery next door, and it quickly spread to his shop. He couldn't get out in time.

Ella's grandmother had died peacefully a few years prior, and she had no other family, so she was sent to a big orphanage in Portland. She spent two miserable years there, until she met a satyr in disguise at her school. She was actually very surprised he was willing to be her friend, and when she found out he was just getting close to her to bring her to camp, it was less of a disappointment than it could have been. After a few months, the satyr said he could get her out of the orphanage, and she readily agreed. They began the long trek to New York, fighting monster after monster along the way. As soon as she stepped inside the border, she was claimed by her mother. A large pomegranate tree sprang up beside her, and she got the distinct feeling she was supposed to pick one. When she did, the tree sank back into the ground as if it had never been there. Only then was she told she was a demigod. She has lived at camp ever since.
Role-playing Example: Stepping delicately, Ellana wove her way through the forest, careful not make the slightest sound; not the rustle of a leaf, a snapping twig, even her own breath could not be heard on that still night beneath the luminous full moon. No matter how bright the moon, however, the forest floor was as dark as ink. She could barely see the next patch of ground that was free of fallen leaves, but she kept going. She had to get there on time, and she had to be careful not to scare it away. Or bring it charging toward her. She did not want that thing charging her. She might be quick, but not that quick. No, if she made one sound, even the scarcest of whispers, that would be the end of Ellana Morgan as the world knew her.

As she drew closer to the clearing that was her destination, the trees began to thin ever so slightly, letting more of the liquid moonlight spill through the leaves. Ella's eyesight sharpened and she began to see signs of the creature she was stalking. A large claw mark on that tree root, scorched undergrowth grasping at her clothes, churned up leaves still fluttering down around her. She was close. Very close. It was probably in the clearing that was now just through those brambles. Pushing them aside as quietly as she could, she finally laid eyes on that magnificent beast.

Perched in the middle of the glade, its face turned to the brilliant light of Lady Artemis's chariot, was a beautiful silver dragon.


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