Zyden Solberg

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Zyden Solberg

Post by Zyden Solberg on 4/7/2016, 8:42 pm

Name: Zyden Solberg
Physical Age: 13
Gender: Male
Eyes: Red like a forge
Hair: Red as the pits of the Hades
Height: 5'0
Body Type: Mesomorph
Skin Color: As white as snow
God Parent: Hesphaestus
Mortal Parent: Rhexana The Forgemaster ( SHE IS DWARF WHICH MEANS SHE IS BASICLY  NORSE!)
Country of Origin: Scotland
Pets: A small elephant made of dwarven metals (YES THATS RIGHT DWARVEN)
Talents: Wielding, Technology, Robotics, Coincidentally he was extremely good at recalling books about mythologhy  
Weapon: A Scythe made with celestial bronze and dwarven metals
Personality: VERY VERY!!! quick tempered to the point were he will throw tables at the people who make him mad. He doesn't like people who sit around and do nothing. He is a person who hates people with a passion with means he will do anything to get revenge. He is loyal to his friends and elders (Unless there a person who insults his family's work as blacksmiths  then he has a problem with them).  
Abilities : He is able to fix about anything from vehicles to steamships. He is very resistant to flames and heat. He has lots of strength for a teen.
Powers : He is able to control mechanisms and statues. He can make a weapon with any metal with the right amount of flames
Life Before Camp: He went to a catholic acadmy for most of his life untill one day in the hallways he was attacked by a chimera a creature with the head of a lion a body of a dragon with snakes as the tail and goat horns that was so desperate for food that the hunted the closet thing which was the school, and they evacuated the school well, more like run as fast as possible and scream. He called his mother and told her hoping she would believe him and surprisingly she was there fast with her Harley Davidson and she said "Hop On!" so he did and they drove to Camp Half Blood and while he was getting off his mother was fighting the Chimera like shes done it before and they both died she took the Chimera with her and threw Zyden the scythe and a small mechanical elephant in a gift box because that day was his birthday.
RP Example: Zyden furiously put together the mechanism and when finished screamed "TIME!!!" because he built the drone before the dwarf.
Any notes about your characters: He is Homosexual. He will go on adventures to the nine worlds (Asgard, Vanaheim, Alfheim, Midgard of course, Jotunheim, Svartalfheim, Nidavellir his favorite, Niflheim, Muspelheim ).
Zyden Solberg

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Re: Zyden Solberg

Post by Morgan Landry on 4/8/2016, 4:36 am

Hey there!

- We don't allow unnatural hair/eye colours, please edit.
- No to the mother being a dwarf
- No to the pet. Stick with the Percy Jackson universe please.
- Mixed-metal weaponry is not allowed. Edit out the dwarven metals please.
- When he fixes the vehicles (in the abilities section) do you mean he fixes them with a tool box of some kind, or just with his mind?
- You need post limits and cool downs. Eg: he can control a mechanism for 3 posts and needs 6 posts cool downs.
- How big is the largest mechanism/statue he could control?
- No to the second power.
- How did his mother know where Camp Half-Blood is? Mortals aren't supposed to know.
- What do you mean by "like she's done it before"? His mother already fought the Chimera once?
- Edit out the last sentence of the notes about your character.

Rest looks good to me!
Morgan Landry
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