i'm ready, tell him i'm ready!

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i'm ready, tell him i'm ready!

Post by luke skywalker on 5/8/2016, 8:27 pm

luke speir
greek demigod

tell him i'm ready!
basic info
+ name: luke speir
+ age: 17
+ gender: cis male
+ eyes: wide, robin's egg blue
+ hair: silky, shaggy, soft golden blonde, practically reaches his chin
+ height: 5' 6"
+ body type: skinny, almost willowy
+ skin colour: caucasian, sun-bronzed
+ god parent: hades
+ mortal parent: pamela speir
+ country of origin: united states (kansas)
+ pets: mischievous daschund named artoo
+ talents: bleb
+ weapon**: bleb
+ flaws: bleb
+ abilities: bleb
+ powers: bleb
+ personality: bleb

+ life before camp*: bleb

+ life at camp: bleb

+ rp example*: lol mate who do you think i am

+ any notes about your characters: he's literally. luke skywalker?

18 + est + contact
i'm bee & you can find out more about me & my characters in the links in my signature. go figure.
fc: mark hamill
luke skywalker
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