Dae Seon (WIP)

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Dae Seon (WIP)

Post by Morgan Landry on 5/24/2016, 5:47 pm

Name: Hwan Dae-Seon . (Also written Dae-Seung or Dae-Sun)

Nickname: Sundae, Falko

Age: 16

Birthday: 1st of July

Gender: Cis female

Eyes: Brown.

Hair: Black.

Height: 1m73

Body Type: Rectangle.

Skin Color: Tan.

God Parent: Deimos, god of terror.

Mortal Parent: Hwan Yun Soo

Nationality: Korean

Country of Origin: Korea

Pets: a black cat named Timore, or Tim for short. (It stays at home.)

- Tracking (monsters + people)
- Dual wield
- Hip hop dancing
- Rapping
- Acrobatics
- Weightlifting
- Trilingual (Korean, Italian, English)
- Good aim (great for crossbow and basketball)
- Close quarter combat

Weapon**: two Laconian daggers and a carbon fibre crossbow which magically reloads. Blades celestial bronze. All of them are disguised as an amulet she has to unclasp from her necklace. (She generally keeps it on her beaded camp necklace.)

- Overbearing (core)
- Caring (core)
- Ambitious (core)
- Confident af
- Determined
- Bossy
- Dislikes being alone > social.
- Has strong personal beliefs in right and wrong and follows her own personal code of honour.
- Seeks a stylish, action-oriented and fun lifestyle (fun as in partying, going out, cruising, etc). Almost auditioned to be a K-pop idol.

Quirks and habits:
- Attempted voodoo (when she was 12)
- Tends to crack her knuckles a lot
- Sometimes hums while she sleeps

- verbally abusive
- power-hungry
- bigoted against religious people
- spiteful
- impatient

Abilities (must relate to god parent; optional):
- She can feel when a person is worried, scared or nervous.
- She can feel little bits of what people are afraid of.

Powers (must relate to god parent; optional):
- Terror manipulation/inducement: She can induce feelings of terror in someone. On a scale of 1 to 10 where 1 is slightly nervous, 5 is medium anxiety and 10 is absolute panic, the most she could induce in someone is 7. She can augment someone's fear by 40% for two posts, x+2 posts cool down.
- Aura: Once per topic she can surround herself with an aura of terror that induces this feeling in anyone in her sight range.
- Visions: She can also give people visions and illusions where some of their fears come true. Lasts two posts max, x+2 posts cool down.
- Power up: anger, love
- Weakness: Stress, hunger
(Power up is a feeling that makes it easier for her to use her powers, the weakness is a feeling that makes it more difficult to use them properly.)

Life Before Camp*:
- Born in Seoul, South Korea. Lived there 3 years then moved to Vegas (mother's job).
- Her mother had a flatmate, Damiana Cuozzo, the first six years. This is why Daeseung knows Italian.
- Powers developed at around 5.
- Starts school, begins using powers to bully other kids.
- Age 8. Goes too far by trying to blackmail a teacher for better mark.
- Gets expelled, is sent to therapeutical boarding school for three years.
- Comes back age 11, is sent to a normal school again.
- 5-6 months in, falls back into being a bully. Becomes more brutal and aggressive. Gets a gang of four other kids who help her bully others. Makes a big point of showing she's the leader of the group. If not she uses her powers.
- Gets expelled of school after injuring two classmates.
- At this point, personality= (at school) violent, need for admiration, controlling, self-important, boastful; (at home) sulking, lying, argues and rebels as much as she can.
- Mother sends her off to a teen boot camp in Oregon.
- Satyr finds her there age 12, gets her to camp for summer. Meets Jack.
- Goes back to teen boot camp and wilderness programs for the next 2-3 years.
- Wardrobe changes from goth (12) to punk (13) to punk rock (14).
- At 13: meets Lindsey in New York. Fights off an anemos with her.
- At 14, starts realizing she is bi>> crush on Emily.
- Age 15: joins Kronos with Lindsey and two other demigods.
- Lindsey and her become roommates on the Princess Andromeda. When Lindsey escapes back to camp, Daeseon feels betrayed.
- Age 16, battle of Manhattan. Meets Lindsey on the battlefield, realizes she likes her more than just a friend. They fight, but let each other go in the end.
- Meets Deimos at the end of the battle of Manhattan. Result> her views on the gods starts to change, slowly.
- Makes up with her mother.
- Realizes she's not bi but actually lesbian.
- Wardrobe >> changes to add girlier clothes to her punk outfits.
- Returns to normal school.

Any notes about your character:
- She has a rather throaty voice.
- She's tall for her age and muscular.
- Yun Soo works in the Cirque du Soleil as a contortionist and made Dae Seung start acrobatics classes very early, which is why I listed acrobatics as one of the talents.
- She speaks Italian because her mother's flat mate was Italian and always talked to her in that language.
- The daggers were originally called Quake and Tremble but she renamed them Slice and Dice. Her crossbow's called Surprise.
- Face claim: Kang Seul Gi
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