Sibling Rivalry [?] (Private)

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Sibling Rivalry [?] (Private)

Post by DireTheDemigod on 6/24/2016, 10:33 pm

Dire decided it would be good time to give his two Celestial Bronze katanas a workout, he has named them: Ivory and Ebony. Not original, but it'll do. He had on a Deadpool hat, his dog tags, Deadpool compression shirt, red and black gym shorts, and some red and black sneakers. He was quite obviously Deadpool-ed out. He EVEN had the sheathes to his katanas on his back.
[color:08cf=#ff0033"13, 14, 15..."] He huffed as he did a very strange exercise that took an extreme amount of focus. He had his katanas stuck into the sand, doing push ups [?] using the hilts of both ends.
Man, it sucks being upside down. He thought
"It's even worse to be out of shape..." He mumbled to himself

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