Come Play With Me!

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Come Play With Me!

Post by Admiral Noir on 7/30/2016, 4:16 pm

Hello people of the Internet!

So, you're here because you want to thread with me. Good times, right? Wrong. I'm slightly insane; you just haven't noticed yet.

You have been warned.

So: RP stuff. Odds are I'll have one link open at all times, so I should be able to see most things that happen. I'm a pretty quick replier, usually getting back within 15 minutes or so, but there are occasions when it takes six and a half millennia for me to reply. But in all honesty, I get respond as soon as I see it. I usually like to write around two paragraphs, sometimes more if I'm particularly muse-y. I'm always down for a good plot; however, I suck at it like you wouldn't believe. I try not to set anything in stone, and prefer natural threads (though I'm not against the occasional prodding).

The best way to contact me is by PM or AIM (noirchattreize).

Anyways, onto the actual characters! Make sure to hover, Dearies!)

Regina M. Townshend
15. Daughter of Cratus. Blanca Suarez.

About: Regina grew up in Washington, DC, with her mother Lindsay, and spent most of her life there. When she was younger, she didn't really have many friends. Aside from when she was at school, she often spent her time alone, or with her mother. Just before she came to Camp Half-Blood, she started to become a bit of a popular girl -- she had those that listened to her, but no one she spent time with outside of school and sports. Even at camp, she retains her independent nature.
Regina is a unique young woman. She's very proper and adheres to every rule laid out, which gives her very little leniency towards those that break the rules. She also has a bit of an ego, and when people don't listen to her, she gets pissy to say the least. She's mostly quiet and distant, but she also enjoys having amiable conversations with people. To those she likes, she can be extremely loyal and protective over them. To those she dislikes, she's just as likely to brandish her sword as she is to ignore you entirely.
Regina has a hard time making and keeping friends, but to those she likes, she will be very warm and protective of them. She has no friends that are Player Characters at the moment.
Regina doesn't aim to make enemies, but given her somewhat cold and distant personality, she's bound to make a few enemies. She has no enemies that are Player Characters at the moment.
Regina is a heteroromantic heterosexual, and has never been in any type of relationship with another person. She is currently single.

Regina Townshend
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Re: Come Play With Me!

Post by The Cheshire Cat on 8/2/2016, 12:44 am

I have a son of Cratus named Alois and he's an @ss so it would be interesting to have a sibling topic with them. Alois is a bit of a prat and a total oddity. Theres his link.
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