Mia Nellson, Daughter of Dionyus (detailed) (WIP)

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Mia Nellson, Daughter of Dionyus (detailed) (WIP)

Post by FerrymanOfHades on 8/24/2016, 9:52 am

Name: Mia Nellson, Jr.
Gender: Female
Mortal Parent: Mia Nellson, Senior
God Parent: Dionyus
Date of Birth: 7/14/2000
Place of Birth:
Hometown/Last Residence:
Race/ethnicity: Half Irish/ half white American
Accent: slight Irish
Skin Tone: light, almost pale
Eye Color: vivid green
Hair Color: light red-ish brown
Hair Length: half-inch past shoulders
Body Type: slim side of average

   Clothes - she wears a white tank top under her orange camp tee-shirt, black yoga pants, and hiking shoes
   Face and body - beautiful, not tons of makeup and cosmetic-surgery beautiful just natural beauty, her hair is usually up in a ponytail or braided by one of the Aphrodite kids.

Weapon: a bracelet that transforms into a spear, the spear has a 4 and 1/2 foot wooden shaft and a foot long Celestial Bronze tip
Armor: she wears leather armor and a Steel Spartan helmet with a purple and Neon green Mohawk piece

cooking- she learned cooking from her mom, mainly Irish food, but also a couple of party appetizers
running- despite her size and lack of bulk/muscle she is pretty fast
nature survival- her mom taught her lots of stuff she did as a kid, like how to make cordage out of plants, how to chop down a tree, what plants are edible, and much more

small head- her head is under sized for her age, she has a hard time where armor/cloths that aren't custom made and she is very insecure about it, even though most people don't notice it
Casual- she doesn't care what clothes she wears and whether there clean or not, this can lead to having a hard time around adults or at formal places
Small- shes small, this makes her easy to throw around
Doesn't let go of friends- like Annabeth she does not like to let go of friends.
Will do anything to prove herself-  she will do anything, even if its risking her life, to prove herself

truthful- she won't lie to her friends/allies



boring stuff/being bored

death, but not enough to contradict her flaw

She is very lively and giddy, appearing as if she is slightly drunk at times, which she may or may not be. She loves animals and children. She is a optimist at almost all times. Her personality rubs of on nearby people making them atleast slightly happy. She is very childish to, liking toys and watching kids TV shows.

she has a "Party Sense" allowing her to know the best routes to any place in the party, even the exit.
she has the ability to sense edible plants and important materials in the wilderness.
she can gain back a little energy by drinking a swig of alcohol, this has a cooldown of 10 posts

(1) she can control vines, they cant be used for more than 3 post at a time and have a cool down of atleast 3 posts
   a- she can use chlorokinesis, to attack/strangle an enemy
   b- she can tell the vines to wrap around her so she will be harder to injure and be able to camouflage better
   c- she can control the vines to wrap around someone at the waist and below the arms and lift them up, they can't be more than 200 lb

(2) she has slight control over madness, these have a cooldown of 7 posts
   a- she can drive a enemy mad though she must concentrate on him/her and cant do much else except for walk around while using it
   b- she can drive herself into a rage, this increases her fighting skills at the cost of her ability to dodge. it lasts for 5 posts

Social Status: usually hangs with the Ares cabin or the Aphrodite cabin
Summer or Year Rounder: year rounder
Years at Camp:
Life Before Camp:
Role-playing Example:


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