Thomas Copperfield Jackson II.

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Thomas Copperfield Jackson II.

Post by Drakul on 11/18/2016, 9:07 am

Name: "Thomas Copperfield Jackson. My first name was my fathers. My middle name, after a stage magician you might have heard about. As for the Jackson's? Just your average, Southern family name- Full of history and shame, but that's the power of a name right there. A name ties in the hope for your future, for the path laid out by prior generations or the beginning of something new, all assigned the moment they scribble it on the birth certificate. As my fathers son, I learned the power of a name. As my mothers, I've learned what that power can do."

Gender: "Male." I was always lucky to know who and what I was I suppose. But its like momma always said. You need both feet on the ground, to craft castles in the sky.

Mortal Parent:  My fathers name was Thomas Jackson and its his name I bear and with it, all the power that comes with it. He was a stage magician, my father. He pulled pennies behind ears and doves from his sleeves and made a lot of kids and old folks happy. But he used to be something bigger. A stage magician operating on the Strip and he had power, prestige- And then one night, he met a very special woman. Someone who showed him true magic and from that union, I was born. I asked him why he didn't continue his act...He told me 'Magic is for everyone, and it starts with a seed.'

I never did understand a lick of what he meant. But now? I think I do. Hmm...I- I'd like to talk about something else please?

God Parent: My mother is Hecate, Goddess of ghosts, witchcraft and necromancy. Patron of Medea, Eleusis and the island of Samothrake. Daughter of Asteria, Hecate, whose name is howled by night at the crossroads! She who the Argonauts plied with sacrifice by the direction of Medea, at the mouth of the river Halys. I am her son and that of Thomas Jackson, son of Martha and John Jackson of Missouri! Farmers by trade, dreamers by choice. Magic was in his fingers and power to mesmerize in his eyes, like a flickering candle that illuminated all towards him, all the more precious for the knowledge that someday, it would die. That is my heritage. Will you not let me in?

Date of Birth: I was born on a Halloween night, at the witching hour of Midnight. Las Vegas to be exact. Year of nineteen-ninety-nine, October thirty-first.

Place of Birth: Like I said, was born in Las Vegas. That's pretty much all there is too it. I can't rightly tell more beyond that.

Hometown: I was dragged from place to place, by my father all over America. When he died, Child Services placed me out with my grandparents in Missouri, in a small town called Atlanta. Nice place, quiet...Baptist Church on Sundays and a farm to care for the rest of the week, in between school. My grandparents were strict, God-fearing folk and I learned a thing or two from em.

I still miss em, you know? But its better this way. At least, for now.

Last Residence: Jackson Farm, out in Missouri. Quiet, isolated. All the comforts of home, give or take. Cornbread on the windowsill and berry picking out on the trails. A single horse, a few cows. The fields however, was the real deal. Good land, good soil. There are worse ways to make a living.

Race: Outwardly? I got my grandpa and grandma's Nordic traits, with a touch of my mothers Greek- I guess? I do know there's a bit of Creole in my bloodline, though damned if I can tell where from. I gotta ask about that...Someday, if I get the chance.

Ethnicity: Y'all serious? Well.... I guess if I had to peg my 'ethnicity?' I'm a gypsy boy at heart. I spent my boyhood on the road and when I finally did get soil beneath my feet, I felt tied down in a way terrifying and strange. So I reckon could add country bumpkin to my list of ethnicity as well.

Accent: "I do got a drawl I picked up...Kinda southern, a bit of western. A hint of Timber Wolf and fire and brimstone, as the preacher likes to call it."

Skin Tone: Pale. I've seen fish bellies less blinding then me.

Eye Color: Green. Like my daddy was. Nice to have something of his to remind me, like my name does.

Hair Color: Dark brown. Used to dye it blonde, but was a phase and just been leaving it be. Still got a few tips, but that's about it.

Hair Length: Longish. Dunno, never really thought about it.

Height: The approximate height of your character in feet/inches or centimeters at the time of creation.

Weight: The approximate weight of your character in pounds (lbs) or kilograms at the time of creation.

Body Type: The shape of your character's body. Are they a bean pole? Do they have natural curves? Are they more portly? Try and be realistic. Not everyone is supermodel thin. (This should make sense with their height/weight. A 6'2" male will probably not weigh 120 lbs and be super muscular. Do a bit of research on body mass index if you have to.)

Appearance: Here you summarize your character's appearance. You may include things from previous sections, but you don't have to. If your character has interesting scars, freckles, wears glasses, etc. Include that here! We expect you to have at least one good, proper sentence here. “See above” won't cut it.

Weapon: The weapon your character uses in battle. Remember that most demigods use celestial bronze, children with god parents from the underworld can use stygian iron, and Roman kids use imperial gold.

Armor: The type of armor your character will use in battle.

Pet(s): Any animal familiars your character might have. Stay away from anything that is exotic, illegal to own, or does not appear in the book world. (eg. Small hellhounds are allowed, but dragons are not. House cats are allowed, but jaguars are not)

Talents/Skills: Talents and Skills are things that your character is good at. (Math, running, fighting, archery, making friends, writing, etc.)

--Talents are general things that your character is good at. (eg. Good at running, quick learner) These are usually less specific than skills and make certain skills more easy for them to pick up. You can not learn a talent.

--Skills are learned. (eg. Good at soccer, good at math) Anyone can learn a skill if they work hard enough at it.

Flaws: Flaws are personality (or physical) traits that hinder the character's abilities or make them less likable, less likely to succeed in life if they don't overcome them, etc. (boastful, shy, has a limp, clumsy, etc.) Each character should have at least one physical flaw, but a majority of their flaws should be personality flaws.

--Personality flaws are something that can cause the character problems in life. (eg. Percy Jackson's fatal flaw is Hubris) They don't have to be super detrimental, but they should give the character more depth. This does not include things like allergies.

--Physical flaws can be anything from something they see as bad (lips are ginormous) to something that will change them for the rest of their life (Missing a leg). If necessary, explain how and why they have this/these physical flaw(s).

Strengths: Strengths are personality traits that will help them in life by making them more likable, more apt to learn, less likely to fall into trouble, etc. They are not talents, per-say, but they are positive things about the character's, well, character. (eg. Happy outlook on life, charming) Obviously there is bound to be some overlap with talents/skills, so it's your call exactly where each trait goes.

Weaknesses: A weakness is something the character is currently struggling with, but could later on in life be turned into a strength if worked on or a flaw if they fail to mend what needs fixing. Weaknesses are not as permanent as flaws. (eg. Has a hard time making friends, bat at archery, etc.) Weaknesses may have some overlap with flaws, but try to avoid this.

Likes: Things your character likes.

Dislikes: Things your character doesn't like.

Fears: Anything your character is afraid of.

Personality: Here you summarize your character's personality. Try and make this descriptive like you would read in a book. You may include things from previous sections, but you don't have to. If your character has odd quirks, put them here!

Abilities: Abilities are passive powers inherited from your character's godparent or legacy. They do not require energy.

Powers: Any powers your character may have that are beyond this world which require energy. (Eg. Shoot fireballs, make plants grow...) These must include restrictions and cool down times.

Social Status: The social status of your character prior to arriving at camp. (eg. Loner, popular, band nerd, jock...)
Summer or Year Rounder: Does your character stay in camp only for the summer and go home for school or do they stay at camp year-round for whatever reason?

Years at Camp: How long have they attended CHB?

Life Before CHB: Describe your character's life before camp using at least 10 complete, descriptive sentences.

Role-playing Example: Give a roleplay sample of at least 10 sentences for THIS character on THIS site. Don't use anything for another character or anything from another non-chb site. This displays how you intend to roleplay your character.

Notes: Anything else you would like to add goes here.[

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