Darien O'Connor - Daughter of Aphrodite

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Darien O'Connor - Daughter of Aphrodite

Post by taleoftwopretties on 12/3/2016, 9:39 pm

Name: Darien Aaliyah O'Connor
Age: sixteen
Gender: cis female
Eyes: light blue
Hair: long, reaches waist
Height: 5,3
Body Type: slender. Long legs, high arched feet, long neck. Very Graceful looking with a larger than average bust.
Skin Color: caucasian, lightly tanned, freckled
God Parent: Aphrodite
Mortal Parent: William Bradley O'Connor
Country of Origin: United States
Pets: one yellow lab, stays with her house keeper at home in Florida.
Talents: ballet
Weapon**: manipulation, small celestial bronze knife, celestial bronze armor
Personality: Darien's strong points are her charisma and witty comebacks. Darien always has confidence, and even if she is wrong, she'll never admit it. Secretly, she is very insecure and is the most unsure about herself in the most difficult situations. She is loved but envied by Camp Half-Blood campers, or students at school.  She really does have confidence, as mentioned before, but she doesn't cry, ever. At least not in front of anyone. She has a slightly rude sense of humor towards people she deems "irrelevant" or unimportant, and is only somewhat a little nicer to her friends - if she wants to say something, she'll say it. She enjoys giving  labels, but this is only to help her cope with her insecurities. She can appear as shallow and judgmental, but she is a caring person, perhaps too caring. Darien can be manipulative, and often tries to use her looks and flirtatious demeanor to obtain what she wants. However, she lacks intelligence in some areas, and can be a bit of ditz.

Flaws: Darien is impulsive, blunt, sarcastic, ill mannered, a little stuck up, too confident at times, but her fatal flaw, is caring. She cares too much about things that shouldn't matter, which ultimately lead to hurt her time and time again.

Abilities (must relate to god parent; optional): None, however like most Aphrodite children she has good looks, excellent fashion sense, and can sense romantic chemistry between two people.
Powers (must relate to god parent; optional): Darien has no powers, but can be very manipulative, a secret weapon of sorts.

Life Before Camp*: Darien grew up in Southern Daytona Florida, right on the edge of the beach. She grew up with just her father, who was a wealthy doctor and was never around much. She was raised by her house keeper. From the age of three Darien attended ballet lessons. She was quite talented at the art, earning badges and medals and scholarships to the finest dance programs across the country. She was Clara in her ballet company's Nutcracker, a lead role that she would perform as no less than three times more after this. However her ballet dreams were dashed and divided when the attacks started at the tender pre-adolescent age of twelve. The first was a cyclops, she narrowly escaped it by tossing her favorite Tory Burch sandal at it's large pulsing cow sized eye. Gorgons, furies, harpies, and hell hounds followed. Sheer luck kept her alive. Being a daughter of a less powerful but major Olympian goddess, the attacks were not too frequent perhaps every three months or so, but they were dangerous enough to send her to Camp Half-Blood at the age of fourteen. Darien was taken to Camp Half-Blood by a satyr, the plump and fat character instructor at her dance studio in Florida. After class one day, a monster far more powerful and dangerous than the others attacked. Catoblepas, a ferocious monster with the body of a buffalo and the head of a wild boar. It took approximately two and a half days of running, and hiding, and crying, and screaming before she finally found herself outside the gates of camp, yet another brush with death. Unfortunately, her instructor wasn't as fortunate, Nigel was his name. She remembered his round body being trampled by the horrible creature. She can imagine how hot her tears were and how her throat tightened, burned, and stung from sprinting and crying at the sight of someone so dear to her vanish right in front of her. Not a moment to mourn his body was granted, not until she reached camp. Her father and housekeeper were notified by Chiron, he was frightened as any dad would've been. Despite not seeing her often, Darien was the one reminder, the one piece of evidence that his beautiful and beloved wife had been real. Darien had Aphrodite's eyes. Fervent, icy blue. She's a former summer camper, but is now a year round camper due to the growing danger in the outside world. She dislikes this situation simply because she misses her ballet training during the school year.

RP Example*: The air had just started to chill on the Long Island Coast. The overcast had settled in, the grey clouds taking their winter residency in the New York Sky. The golden hued highlights in Darien's long silky hair had just started to fade, turning her hair a light shade of rusted bronzey-brown. She was irritated with the weather, the inevitable drop in temperature just reminded her of how dearly she missed home, the warm nights on the beach that seemed to last year round, the painful ache of sun burn she always seemed to accumulate at some point or another. Her irritation was evident in the over dramatic huff that escaped her lips and the drawn out roll of her sky blue eyes. She hated how heavy the armor was. How it slunked, and clunked, and left bruises on her back, leaving her sore for days after. She hated training, this training anyways. Her toes should've been blistered and calloused from hours dancing en pointe. She should've been training to be a ballet dancer, not some Greek war hero. This wasn't her. It never was and it never should've been- it never would be. She hated stupid sword practice, she hated this stupid camp that had ruined every thing that had ever mattered to her, and most of all she absolutely hated being a demigod.

Any notes about your characters: Darien has allergies to strawberries, sweet potatoes, and cashews.

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Re: Darien O'Connor - Daughter of Aphrodite

Post by Kendall on 12/17/2016, 2:10 am

- Who exactly was her housekeeper if this person was there to protect her?
- How old was she when the monster attacks started?
- How frequent were they, and what kinds of monsters appeared?
- How did she get to camp? Did her dad/housekeeper know about it?
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