Mae Andree Morris- Daugher Of Apollo

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Mae Andree Morris- Daugher Of Apollo

Post by mehbeh1 on 4/22/2017, 4:06 am

Name: Mae Andree Morris

Gender: Questioning, but please use female pronouns for now. She was born a female, but ultimately, has no clue at the moment. She doesn't let it bother her too much though, mostly writing her thoughts on a diary she keeps in her bag, which she never leaves without. She's thought about going by the name "Matthew" Or "Matt", though, and eventually hopes to have the courage to ask to be called that, just for a while to know how it feels.

Mortal Parent: Justine Lillian Morris used to be a musician. She had an acoustic guitar which she played very well. However, since having Mae, she gave up on music and got a 'stable' job as an employee at a local restaurant.

God Parent: Apollo - God of Music, Prophecy and Healing. He was attracted to Justine's music and came down to her as a tall muscular blonde-haired musician. She fell in love with him instantly, and when he left, she still never knew he was a god the whole time.

Date of Birth: October 31, 2003. She's a Halloween baby! Excitement.

Place of Birth: Charlestown, Rhode Island. Her mother was doing a show there and was rushed to the hospital to give birth in the middle of it. Of course, she never stopped a show and scheduled them months in advance.

Hometown/Last Residence: Her mother settled into a place in Arizona after she gave birth to Mae. Arizona was hot, but Mae wore her jacket anyway. She is notable for always having one on, and her mortal friends say it makes her look laid-back.

Race: Cherokee Native American.

Ethnicity: American.

Accent: She has an American accent, fairly strong one at that. She was born and raised in the U.S, after all.

Skin Tone: Dark Olive

Eye Color: She has brown deep-set eyes, with long eyelashes her family members never shut up about. Half the time, it just feels like they're making up for the fact they never talk to her otherwise. Her eyesight is poor, and she needs glasses to see. However, she would probably be better off without them, because she's bad at cleaning them.

Hair Color: Mae has thick black hair, which is usually greasy because she doesn't wash her hair properly. Instead, those long showers are spent- you guessed it, singing.

Hair Length: Her hair is cut into a pixie cut. She oftentimes forgets to brush it and walks out of the cabin with a mess that could aggravate any Aphrodite kid.

Height: 5'1

Weight: 107

Body Type: Mae is shaped like a pear, and has a bit of chub on her stomach area, thick thighs for her age, but skinny arms.

Appearance: Mae's head is heart shaped, she has a round shaped nose, and deep-set eyes

Weapon: Her camouflage bow she named Fred in Girl Scout Camp,

Armour: Her armour looks a bit like this:
except she doesn't have a cape or universally large shoes. Most the time, she wears little metal plates that cover her converse shoes.

Pet(s): Sadly, she has none, but would love to have a small dog, preferably a Yorkshire Terrier. She loves them to death and has a friend who has one.


⦁ Mae is great at guitar. She plays often, and can also sing pretty well, being the daughter of Apollo and all.

⦁ Since she was eight, Mae was good with writing. Or you know, wording, and plot, since she has dyslexia and whatnot. Now that she knows Greek, she writes her stories in it, filling notebook after notebook, until she runs out and turns to memos on her phone.

⦁ With these things often comes drawing. When Mae started writing her first fanfictions, (which she will not get into) she wanted to draw some of the scenes, and soon this drawing became more than the occasional picture to go with a oneshot.

⦁ Attracted to the bow at a young age, she has a bow named Fred she trained with since age seven. Mae caught onto the way it worked fairly quickly and was good with the bow before coming to camp.

Flaws: Mae keeps secrets, which she knows can turn into lies really quickly. She's hypocritical, saying not to care what people say then caring what people say. She loves attention, to the point some would call her an attention hog, and is bad at making jokes. She lies often, but pretends to be honest, by saying things that would be embarrassing if not for the fact she knows much worse.

Physically, Mae isn't considered the prettiest, but she's not the ugliest either. She has thick eyebrows that turn into a unibrow of not waxed, hairy legs she has to shave all the time, and acne that covers her forehead.

Strengths: She's flexible, both in her schedule and physically. Mae was known for bein able to stand up, and bring her leg over her neck.

Mae has considerably great hearing and can hear her name is someone in the same room as her says it. She can also hear things that might threaten her, which is a good thing.

Weaknesses: Mae is slow, and never passed her pacer tests at school. The highest she ever got to was fifteen.

Her strength isn't up to par either, the most she's able to carry being 30 pounds for five minutes at the moment.

Likes: Chocolates, Electronic Music, Fiction Movies, Fireflies (Loves them), Peanut Butter

Dislikes: Math, Her Old Fanfictions, Wearing Makeup, Wearing dresses, Sci-Fi movies

Fears: For whatever reason, Mae always had Trypanophobia - or the intense fear of needles. She always fights doctors for trying to give her a flu shot.

While it's really crazy, the secret keeper she is, she also has the fear of secrets, cryptophobia. That seems really weird, but for some reason it just is.

Of course, being a demigod, her dreams are never sweet. Mae has Oneirophobia or fear of dreams because of this.

Personality: Mae is peaceful enough, with the ability to somehow make many friends. She calls her friends "pack members" and protects them at all costs. If a friend hurts another pack member, they usually don't get a second chance, and if they do, it's almost a year later.

Mae tells lies and keeps secrets often, not caring what the consequences are. She is hypocritical, and it's often noticeable.

However, she's aware of all this, and if it goes way too far she tries to fix it, perhaps when it's too late.

Mae is a creative soul and needs to release it in any way she can. She uses everything from drawing, to storytelling, to just about any way possible. She loves expressing herself and showing others what she does.


Tuning - Mae is one with learning how instruments work. She automatically can tell how to tune an instrument if it's out of tune.

Heat Tolerance- Since she is a daughter of Apollo, Mae can withstand extremely hot temperatures. Though she can get burned, it's not often that it happens, but when it does it hurts more than the usual burn due to her not being used to it.


Healing- Mae has the ability to take others wounds as her own, but this takes a lot of work, and even then she'd like to avoid it as much as possible.

Social Status: She's pretty average, and always was. No one really looked up to her, but they didn't look down on her either. There were obviously those people that hate everyone, but no one who hated her and only her.

Summer or Year Rounder: She's a Summer camper, and probably couldn't stand being without her mortal friends for any longer than the Summer. She loves talking with the only people who find her sane, and could never go without them.

Years at Camp: She's gone to camp for a little more than a month? She picked up on most of everything quickly, but still learns new things each day. She loves the forest feel and would like to go hiking in the woods someday.

Life Before Camp: Mae was born on October 31, 2003, after a show her mother was doing for Halloween (Who knows how she made acoustic guitar scary, but a woman can try!). Her older sister was with her grandparents (mortal, of course), and Justine lived in Rhode Island at the time.

As Mae got older, she began hating special occasions because she had to wear a dress. It was around the time she became nine that she was diagnosed with ADHD, being diagnosed with dyslexia long before hand. At this point, both her and her sister had these diagnoses, and her mother wondered how it was no one else in her family has them.

When Mae got even older, maybe 11, Mae started getting lower grades as her teachers stopped trying to help her with her ADHD and dyslexia, and told her to "work harder" on her problems. Around this age, Mae got her first crush and was shocked to find she was a girl. Having never heard of the LGBT, Mae was ashamed and thought she was wrong.

One day, she found herself wondering for a prolonged amount of time what it would be like to be a boy, she pushed it off as pure curiosity, mostly because her mother would've done the same.

One of her

Roleplaying Example: Well... Mae thought, putting down her guitar. It isn't too bad... However, She knew it wasn't perfect. It wasn't home, with her room that just smelt like BO and men's deodorant, which is an oddly comforting mixture of scents, really.

Notes: If you couldn't guess, she's sorta a trans-guy that doesn't know about being trans.

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