Haley Marie Asher ~ Daughter of Hecate ~ Remake ~ WIP

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Haley Marie Asher ~ Daughter of Hecate ~ Remake ~ WIP

Post by HaleyTheRandom on 5/31/2017, 11:54 am

☣ ∞ ☯Haley Marie Asher ☯ ∞ ☣

“I've learned that we're all entitled to have our secrets.” –Nicholas Sparks, The Notebook

Name: Haley Marie Asher

Nickname(s): Hales, Blue, Ash, Leyley, Lee

Gender: Cis Female. She/her pronouns.

Mortal Parent: - Jacob Asher: Born and raised in North Carolina, Jacob is a hard working man who has always looked after his daughter. Though they may not see eye to eye and argue a lot, but he has her best interests at heart, which is something that Haley appreciates, no matter how hard she tries to deny it.
~Selena Asher: What is there to say about Haleys mom? Well, their personalities are similar, and if you didn't know any better, you would mistaken them for best friends rather than mother and daughter. They cause havoc, trash talk people, etc. She's great, really.
~Jake Asher: Jake is the elder of Haleys younger siblings. Though they both drive her nuts, she loves them both. Jake is the more talkative one and tends to wear his heart on his sleeve. Their music tastes are similar-ish.
~Luke Asher: Ah, the youngest one. What is there to say? His dream is to go to the NFL, he likes to mess in his sisters things and Haley would protect him at any cost.

God Parent: Hecate: Goddess of the Mist, Crossroads, Magic and Necromancy.

Date of Birth: May 10th.

Place of Birth: Lake Lure, North Carolina, USA.

Hometown/Last Residence: Lake Lure, NC, USA.

Race/ethnicity: Haley considers herself to be a full blooded American, thought there are traces of Cherokee Indian, Irish, English, and a few other ethnicity's' in her background. To put it simply: Caucasian.

Accent: Southern American. She says y'all, draws out her a's and has the tendancy to misspronounce things on a regular basis. She also says those so called 'southern sayings', having the tendency to confuse those around her. Her accent come outside when she is angry, was, or really happy.

Skin Tone: Pale in the winter, light tan-ish in the summer.

Eye Color: Hazel-grey. Sometimes they seem warm and inviting, like a nice cup of coffee. Other times, like when she's made at you or in deep concentration, they can be hard as stone.

Hair Color: Dark Brown.

Hair Length: Just below her mid back.

Height: Five feet, four inches. (1.6 meters)

Weight: 135 pounds. (61 kilograms)

Body Type: "Potato, maybe?"
Truth is, Haley has had no idea what her body type is. She has just enough curves, if that helps to figure it out.

Appearance: Looking upon her round face, you will quickly notice the young woman's brown-grey eyes, easily her most distinguished feature. Her pale skin is marked by a light spray of freckles that you can find on in her arms as well. Her lashes are long and thick, her eye brows seeming perfectly curved to match her face. Her nose, however seems a bit wide or 'pudgy' for her face. Something that the girl had never liked. Her lips are caught somewhere in between being described as thin or full, the bottom lip slightly duller that the upper. Her smile is said to light up the room, though it is rarely seen. When she does smile, she has a single dimple on the upper right side of her chin, just below her bottom lip.

The girl didn't exactly get hit with the puberty bomb, but she has enough curves, in her personal opinion. Her body is proportional, not being to long legged or armed. Her years of training have caused her arms and legs to have a slight undertone of muscle.

Personal Style Haleys Clothing selection can be described as casual. She wears a random t-shirt -usually something band related- and a pair of skinmy jeans. She wears hoodies and sweaters in the winter. Dark colors suit her best, which is what you can find her in most of the time. For footwear, it's always her converse. Her hair is either seen down or in a ponytail. For accessories she always wears a hair band and army bracelet on her right wrist. Around her neck you can find her leather cord necklace with a key charm on it as a symbol of her mother.
~Nervous Ramblings
~Quoting random books, songs or people. Mainly songs.
~Biting her lip.
~She almost always has to be doing something with her hands - rather it be writing, typing, doodling or just twiddling her thumbs. It helps to keep her mind off other things.
~Shaking/bouncing her leg when in deep concentration or very angry.
~Easy blusher.
~Being possessive over 'her people'. Being an introvert, Haley has very few friends. This causes her to be possessive over these people, which she claims as hers.
~'Adopting' people. Haley has the tendency to give people the title of brother, sister, etc.
~Playing with her hair
~Always trying to make others feel better.
~Listening to the same song for days at a time
~Playing with her necklace or bracelet random times, especially when she's nervous.
~She talks to herself quite often. These conversations can sometimes turn into very heated arguments.
~Talking really fast when angry or excited.
~Apologizing for practically anything to anyone, even when it's not her fault.
~Rolling her eyes.
~Calling people kid before getting to know them


[/i]Personality:[/i] "Random is probably a good word?"
When you look at Haley, a few things might come to mind, however, you may need to leave those assumptions at the door. When first meeting her, you can tell that she's shy, and you may do good to get a full sentence out of the girl. This could be due to her social anxiety. Due to her anxiety, Haley has a hard time making friends, causing her to be very attached, protective and loyal over the few people that she connects with. Large crowds and speeches are the bane of her existence.Despite her anxiety, deep down the girl is a people person. She has no use for small talk, and loves the deeper conversations. Inside jokes and laughter with those few special people always brighten her day.
Haley is said to be intelligent, mainly by that of book smarts. When it comes to people, she's still trying to figure some things out. Manly their ignorance. Due to her being a quiet person, the girl has time to observe others, making her an excellent reader of facial expressions. Overly sarcastic remarks and being overly blunt can make her come off as a cold hearted bish sometimes. A forgiving person towards most, once Haley is done with you, she's done. She's careful about the people she trusts, and though she tries her hardest to see the best in everyone, it doesn't always work. Haley is a trustworthy person, and if she promises you something, expect her to follow through with it one-hundred percent of the time. If you do not intend to fully keep a promise that you are about to make/have already made to the young woman, expect nothing less than for her yo shut you out of her life and for all trust to be lost.
Under the sarcasm, the girl is really just a goofball. With inappropriate jokes and pranks, she can sometimes -but rarely- be considered the life of the party. She's the friend that always has the snacks. If you're brave enough to tickle her, she's not responsible for your medical bills. Speaking of physical touching, Haley doesn't do well with casual things such as hugs, people bumping her in the school hallway, etc. It's nothing personal, as she even shies away from her closets friends and families touch. It's just who she is.
Under the hard exterior, and the brightest smile, there's still a person that no one knows; her closest friends having barely any idea. That person is the girl that cries herself to sleep; the girl that wakes every morning to find that she's disgusted with the person she sees in the mirror. The girl that locks herself in the bathroom stall, sinking to the floor while gripping handfuls of her hair, her body shaking with uncontrollable emotion as she tries to compose herself. The girl that criticizes herself over the smallest things. The depressed, invisible, hallowed out shell of a person.

Abilities: *Ghost Whisperer: She posses the ability to see, hear and understand ghosts.

•Thanks to her mother, Haley has the power known as Minor Mist Manipulation, or as she likes to call it, Triple M. This means that she can control small parts of the Mist. For example, she can make myself seem 3 feet closer, or further from you. Haley can also manipulate articles of clothing, hair color, and the looks of one’s face. The young woman has been working on memory manipulation caused by the Mist, but it mainly just causes you to lose your track of though. She can control the Mist for up to 4 posts with a cool down of 8. A way that you can not be affected by the confusion of memories is if you had already began to do the action that she is planning to thwart, you can control the mist as well, or your parent is one of the gods of memory.
•Conjuring Of The Elements: Earth and fire bend to her will.
     ∞As for fire, she can create a 1 foot dimensional sphere, approximately 250 degrees F. She can create 3 of the fire-y spheres at a time, controlling them for 3 posts, with a 6 post cool down. The sphere travels at a maximum of 13 mph.
                         ~~~Side note: If she does not throw the sphere, it lasts up to 2 posts.
      ∞Haley grows vines for her earthly element. These vines can wrap her enemies around the legs, sometimes further.  Her largest plant to ever be grown was a 7 foot tall vine that was about a 4 inches wide. This happened one day when she was angry at someone and her power got out of control. None the less the vines can only reach about 4 feet high and three inches thick. The vines take a total of 4 posts to fully wrap themselves around something, that being as long as she can control them. The power has a cool down of 7 posts.
*Creature of the Dead: Control over ghosts.
    ~Haley can summon and control up to 3 “ghost warriors” for a total of 4 posts with a cool down of 7. If she summons 3, she can control them for 4 posts with a cool down of seven. If she summons 2, she can control them for five posts with a cool down of six. She would normally never summon one, but if she did, she can control it for six posts with a cool down of six.
*Dream Walking:
~Haley has the ability to enter the dreams of another person. She can do this only with extreme concentration, and it helps to have a connection with the other person (ex. friend). Whether or not she's an active participant or an unseen observer is a 50/50 chance, although with training, she can better learn to control this. She can only be 'inside' the persons dream for 5 posts, with a cool down of 15.
- Can only be used when the "subject" is asleep.
- Being inside the dreams of someone when they wake up may have a number of unpleasant consequences.
- Psychic Shield may cancel this power.
- Can only be used on one person at a time and she cannot bring anyone with her.
- May not be able to interfere with the target's dreams.
- User's body is vulnerable during her dream walking.
- People can 'kick' her out of their dreams.
- She cannot use this power on the children of Morpheus or Hypnos.
- Headaches and migraines that can turn far more unpleasant such as having nose-bleeds and fainting.
- Possible nausea, vertigo, sugar imbalance, etc.
*Truth Time: Haley can make anyone tell her the truth about one question that she ask them. She has to say the phrase 'Tell me the truth' to activate the power. Once the person has answered, the are released from the spell. She can only do this once per topic.

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