The Better Genius (private with Morgo)

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The Better Genius (private with Morgo)

Post by Rick Sanchez on 8/11/2017, 4:32 pm

“Where are we, Rick?” she gasped, looking at their surroundings.

“You know, Reyna, remember when I said that we were time travelling back to the Trojan War, and I wasn't all surprised when we landed smoothly, wondering where we are? Use your brains already. If you have any.” her twin replied, closing the door behind him. The DeLorean was freezing, its outer layers covered in ice that was rapidly melting thanks to the Ancient Greece heat.

“I thought the DeLorean could only time travel, not positional displacement?”

He took out his flask and drank, shrugging his shoulders.

“That's Dr. Brown. I just installed some teleportation tech I bought from the future--yes, I have been there--which teleports everything in a vicinity of 300 meters. These people, Reyna, they use flying cars. There's nothing in the sky so it's perfectly designed. That's why I chose the forest, no one's there at 2 AM in the morning. Except when they're out stargazing.”



“Anything physical?”

“Yes, but they excluded dirt, rocks, anything artificial and so on. The future, you know, it's quite advanced, Reyna. So advanced the planet was literally dead, because they chopped down all the trees and sucked up all the oxygen. These people, Reyna, they've never seen a tree in their life.”

“Does that mean they didn't exclude trees in their list?”

He froze. “Oh sh!t.”

Right on cue, a shockwave suddenly bursted from the Flux Capacitor, as dozens of trees materialized out of nowhere, creating a patch of forest in the middle of a desert. Several fell over, but otherwise, they were okay.

“Oh, thank God, I almost thought it was gonna fall out of the sky or something. We'd be dead for sure. Oh, well.”
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