Let's Play A Game

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Let's Play A Game

Post by SammiLeigh123 on 12/4/2017, 1:37 am

As the afternoon approached the camp's barrier's maintained the warmth so as not to overheat the campers within its restraints, yet, just knowing it was most probably boiling beyond the camp (or heck, anywhere in the world- her home country of India being a prime example) made Jayanti just want to do something effortless and lazy. This, however, probably actually had little to do with the weather, well, anywhere because, honestly, Jayanti is always up to activities of that descript. Her lazy attitude really did land her in trouble at times. So, to fill her itch for something to do that wasn't to straining the daughter of Iris made way to the games room, her extraordinarily long ponytail swinging behind her.

Upon arrival , Jay's chocolate eyes search the room, as if she hadn't already had the room memorised for years. She made her way to the pool table, she may be alone now but it left the floor open for another to come play with her if they wanted. Jayanti made quick work of trying to fish all of the balls out of the holes at the tale's corners and sides, Her continual accidentally redropping balls into the holes and nudging others almost of the table was a very early representation of her playing skills, shockingly bad. In one instance she accidentally dropped the 8 ball and it went rolling to the door. She cursed and followed it

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